Tuiuti Mansion

Also known as Palacete Mauá, this is the oldest residential building in Santos and today is used for commercial purposes. Built in 1818, it is 3,000m2 in area and has undergone much restoration work without great alterations to its architectural features.
It was originally occupied by traditional Santos families, among them José Antonio Vieira de Carvalho, governor of Itapema Fort and also a judge, councilor and Local Council president, when this post was equivalent to that of mayor. It was here on March 4th, 1822, that the grandest, most opulent ball in 19th-century Santos was held, ‘the Feast of the Meteors’.
Today the building is used for events and cultural activities. At one time, it housed the main branch of Mauá, Santos and Mercantile bans, as well as being used to billet Imperial troops during the Paraguay War. In 1887, the north-American export company Hard Rand took over the mansion, extended it and operated from there from 1922.
In the 1980s the building was used as a location for filming of the soap opera Os Imigrantes, broadcast by TV Bandeirantes.