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In Santos, adults only rest if they want to. It's just that, in addition to resting the body and soul on the beach, enjoying the scenery on the shore or in Roberto Santini Park, shopping malls and cinemas, there's no shortage of what to do here.


Historic Center

In the Historic Center, the Tourist Tram Line, Pelé Museum, Monte Serrat cable cars, Coffee Museum, Museum of Sacred Art, House with Tiled Façade and of course, the Path of Faith.


On the waterfront, don't miss the art program at Cine Posto 4, spend an afternoon at the Orquid Garden; Benedicto Calixto Art Gallery; Aquarium; Feirarte (Art and Crafts) (Aparecida or Boqueirão); Fishing, Sea and Maritime museums; take a schooner and see the ships coming and going from the Fisherman's Deck.

Sport and Culture

For sports fans, it is worth visiting the De Vaney Sports Memory Center, the Santos Futebol Clube Achievements Memorial, and the Urbano Caldeira (Santos FC) and Ulrico Mursa (Portuguese Santista) stadiums. If you want to keep up with your reading, just go to the Mário Faria Library or the Marcel Rodrigues Paes Comic Book Library, which, in addition to new publications, has a collection of comic book classics.

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