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Stroll through the largest beach garden in the world, registered in 2002 by Guinness World Records. A true postcard of more than 7 km and an open-air gallery, with several monuments and sculptures, in addition to many plant species, such as trees, plants, flowers and even birds.

From José Menino to Ponta da Praia it is possible to acquire learning and knowledge, immersing in history and culture.

Are you without your Bike? Don't worry: the city has Bike Santos stations at strategic points along the waterfront. Just register ( ... and enjoy!

Our suggestions

  • Saturday is the best day for the Bike Tour – there are fewer cyclists using the waterfront bike path for work;
  • The afternoon is the best time to do the tour;
  • It is possible to start at the Emissary and go all the way to the Fish Market or gradually, as you see fit and according to your availability;
  • You can enjoy Chorinho at the Aquarium, which always starts at 6pm on Saturdays, in the Praça Luiz la Scala area, behind the park.
  • We also suggest 9 contemplation points, but the total time depends on the pedaling pace and the time at the stops...



  • Are the tires inflated?
  • Did you check the brakes?
  • Do you have safety equipment?
  • Water bottle handy?
  • Don't forget to signal with your arm each time you leave the bike path.
  • Check in advance the operation of any equipment you want to visit.



Roberto Mário Santini Park - Submarine Emissary

Points of interest


  • Observation of the entire garden of the Santos beach;
  • Bike ride through the park to get to know its structure such as a skating rink, bike path, judges tower for surfing competitions and spectator stands;
  • Monument by Tomie Ohtake, unnamed;
  • Monument in honor of Japanese immigration;
  • Monument in honor of Saturnino de Brito (in the garden, before channel 1).





Monument in honor of surfing

Points of interest


  • 500 Years of America Monument;
  • Post 2 - 1st Public Surf School in Brazil;
  • Monument in honor of Martins Fontes (in the garden, before channel 2).


Praça das Bandeiras – (Flag Monument)

Points of interest


  • Lion Sculpture by the artist Sigismundo Fernandes (1954) at Gonzaga;
  • Post 3 – 1st Public School of Adapted Surf;
  • 9th of July Fountain;
  • Gonzaga tram;
  • Gonzaga neighborhood;
  • Beach Garden.


Vicente de Carvalho Acoustic Shell

Points of interest


  • Channel 3 - Numbering of channels;
  • Station 4 - Cine Art;
  • Beach (divided by canals and neighborhoods);
  • Structure of the beaches (kiosks, bike path, beach tents, bathrooms, showers, etc.);
  • Palmas Island (viewing angle);
  • Entrance to the Port Channel.


Statue of Vicente de Carvalho

Points of interest


  • Sports;
  • Sundial;
  • Now, go on foot, taking the bike, to FeiraArte;
  • Details of the gardens, such as the flowers, and the landscape;
  • Pay attention to the signs posted on the posts for bird watching;
  • Art and Crafts Fair (at the intersection with Avenida Conselheiro Nébias);
  • Station 5 - Comic library;
  • Palmas Island (another angle);
  • View of Praia Grande;
  • Continue on foot along the avenue to see the Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto;
  • Monument in honor of the Freemasons;
  • Ride the bike path again;
  • Embaré kiosks;
  • Minor Basilica of Santo Antônio do Embaré.



Fonte do Sapo (Fountain)

Points of interest


  • Dance on Sundays;
  • Station 6 - Mário Faria Library;
  • Góes Beach (view);
  • Barra Grande Fortress (view);
  • Escolástica Rosa School.



Points of interest


  • Caravela Sculpture in the square garden;
  • Beachfront walls;
  • Chorinho at the Aquarium on Saturdays (in the square);
  • The Fisherman's Monument;
  • View of the Sunset.


Love Santos Monument

Points of interest


  • Fisherman's Deck;
  • Fisheries Museum;
  • Edgard Perdigão Bridge (schooners);
  • The Fisherman's Monument;
  • View of the Sunset.


Fish market

Points of interest


  • Ferry crossing Santos-Guarujá;
  • Panel by artist Eduardo Kobra;
  • Santos Convention Center.


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