You can come with the kids, Santos has plenty of attractions!

In addition to five kilometers of beaches with calm waters and a wide strip of sand to play with, the city has the 1st Aquarium in the country, which exhibits freshwater and saltwater fish, penguins, sharks and sea lions, among other species; Orchid garden, with a playground, playroom and animals, many of which roam freely along the avenues, and the Roberto Santini Park, equipped with a skating rink, skateboard park, children's area and plenty of space to see the sea.

The beachfront, in Ponta da Praia and Saudade Lagoon, in Morro da Nova Cintra have interactive fountains, a hit with the kids.

Mysteries of the Sea

Fisheries Museum, with its 23 meters long whale skeleton; Museum of the Sea, which has giant shells and two-headed shark, taxidermized, and the Maritime Museum, with costumes and many curiosities about marine history. Not to mention schooner trips; see the ships up close on the Fisherman's Deck.

Day in the City

It's great to take a tram ride in the Historic Center and go up the slope of Monte Serrat by cable car; visit the Old Arsenal Building, which defended the city from pirates, in addition to playing, skating and cycling at Fonte do Sapo Fountain, at Praia da Aparecida, a meeting point for children. Not to mention the shopping malls and cinemas, and the children's programming at Acoustic Shell, Café Museum and Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto! Wow!

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