Coliseu Theater

Top photo: Tadeu Nascimento


The city’s biggest theater, with seating for an audience of 1000, the Teatro Coliseu has had its current characteristics since 1924. The eclectic style building boasts fine frescos and architectural details, excellent acoustics and refined décor, which have made the theater famous and have classified it as one of the best in the country.


The stage for the premiere of spoken cinema in Santos in 1929, the Teatro Coliseu staged the main musicals, concerts, operas, plays and other spectacles by national and international companies. It fell into disrepair in the 1970 and was closed down in the following decade. Abandoned, it underwent 10 years of renovation work and reopened its doors in 2006. 


Marble floor, fine paintings on the walls, and special lighting make up the art nouveau style of the entrance foyer. Used for performances and mini musical concerts, the 560m² foyer houses the box office, café and cloakroom. This main hall, lit by 39 chandeliers,  showcases the art of Italian Adolfo Fonzari.


Photo: Francisco Arrais


The theater can seat an audience of 1000 – there are 347 stall seats; 27 boxes, 25 dress circle boxes, 23 upper circle boxes; 80 dress circle seats, 101 upper circle seats; 92 upper circle galleries and an amphitheater seating 110. 


Photo: Francisco Arrais