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Santos is considered an open-air setting. Because it is 45 minutes from São Paulo and has numerous natural resources such as beaches, mangroves, hills, tourist and historical, contemporary, and an attractive port area, the city has transformed in the last 15 years into a true film set for regional Productions, national and international.

We have a compact space, with excellent local transportation logistics, which brings together an incredible diversity of scenarios for cinematographic locations, which can easily serve as any part of the world. Santos could be Rio, Cuba, São Paulo, it could be Rome, it could be Asia. Today, not only the revitalized tourist and historical points and equipment are in demand, but our spaces in general (hills, mangroves, waterfalls, beaches, urban landscapes, the entire port area, etc.)

In addition to the beautiful public and some private locations, it offers good infrastructure to receive production teams with hotels, restaurants, equipment and vehicle rentals, stores that provide props, casting and figuration companies, catering services on film sets, security companies, production companies and professionals specialized in the audiovisual sector, among others. There is an estimate of hiring around 300 professionals/year.

More than 700 productions have been shot in Santos. There was a time when many movies and soap operas were shot here. But, in the last 5 years, the most recurring productions were commercials and more recently, great TV series are being filmed in the city.

It is the valorization of the city's image in the national and international imagination, which increases the population's self-esteem. It is important to see their everyday scenario present in films, commercials, photos, video clips, series, soap operas, documentaries. And it was because of this effervescence in the audiovisual sector, with the full support of the Municipality of Santos, that in December 2015 the city of Santos received the UNESCO seal of CREATIVE CITY IN CINEMA.

At the movies

Santos has been the setting for films of all styles:

- Querô - Streets and Surroundings of the Municipal Market, Catraia, Tenements, Bars in the Center and close to the Market

- O Magnata (The Magnate) - Quinze de Novembro Street, Frei Gaspar Street

- O Robbo do Caneco – Mauá Square, Carioca Bar, Downtown Streets

- Blender Reflections - Downtown Beaches and Streets

- Plastic City - Port, Municipal Market and surroundings and Downtown Streets

- Aldo: Stronger than the World - Close to the Municipal Market

- Lula: The Son of Brazil - Edgar Perdigão Bridge

- For the Love of the Poor - The Vocation of Saint Aníbal - Comendador Neto Street, House with Tiled Façade, Beachfront walls from Ponta da Praia, Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto (Art Gallery)

- Nothing to Lose - Against Everything. For Everyone – Comércio Street, Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza, Rangel Pestana Street, Municipal Market and surroundings, Santos City Hall building and offices

- Briosa- 100 Years - A Love without Division - Urbano Caldeira Stadium, Santos Streets, Beaches and Santos Bus Station

- Divaldo: The Messenger of Peace - Santos City Hall - Main Hall, Lobby, Internal and External Stairs

- Brazil Front Line - Estivadores Hospital, Vitória Hospital and Samu Office

In the series

Content produced for streaming is a reality, and Santos has already been the setting for several:

- JK - Rede Globo – Comércio Street, Frei Gaspar Street, Quinze de Novembro Street, facade of the Coffee Exchange, Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza, Trams

- Um Só Coração (Only One Heart) - Rede Globo – Comércio Street, Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza, House with Tyle Façade, Trams

- Mauá: The First Giant - Discovery Channel - Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza, facade of the Pelé Museum, interior and facade of Coffee Exchange, Santos City Hall and Princess Isabel Room

- History Drunk - History Channel - Edgard Perdigão Bridge, Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza and Scenographic Schooner in Santos Bay

- Hebe - Rede Globo - Coffee Exchange, Quinze de Novembro Street, Frei Gaspar Street

- Coisa Mais Linda (The Most Beautfil)- Netflix – Comércio Street, XV Boulevard

- Where Is My Heart - Rede Globo – Gonzaga Beach, Comércio Street, Dom Pedro II Street, Carioca Bar and Coffee, Paulista Restaurant, Tram, Pelé Museum Office, Port of Santos

- The King of TV - Star + - Downtown Streets


In the novels

Who hasn't watched a soap opera from beginning to end? They are part of Brazilian culture and are exported worldwide. Santos has appeared in many, including Deus Nos Acuda (God helps us), a hit by Rede Globo, our city was more than a scenario, the plot of the soap opera was in Santos  with Cláudia Raia back and forth in the catraias (fishermen’s boat).

- God Helps Us - Rede Globo - Port, Catraias (fishermen’s boat), Beach Front

- Sassaricando - Rede Globo – Comércio Street

- Terra Nostra - Rede Globo – Comércio Street, Quinze de Novembro Street and Santos Port Warehouses - Ship

- Ciranda de Pedra - Rede Globo - Downtown Streets

- Éramos Seis - First soap opera - SBT – Streets around Vila Belmiro and Tram

- Accomplices in a Passion - SBT - Tram, Marquês de Monte Alegre Plaza, Beaches

- Éramos Seis - Remake - Rede Globo - José Menino Beach, Comércio Street, Trams and Building on Comércio Street


In advertising films

Ah, I guarantee you've seen a commercial being recorded in Santos. There were hundreds!!! Know some:

 - Ford - Downtown Streets

- Fiat - Downtown Streets, Perimetral Avenue

- GM - Downtown Streets and Perimetral Avenue

- Renault – Beachfront Avenue and Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- Vivo - Beach Gardens and Beaches

- Tim - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- Rexona - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary and XV's Boulevard

- Mc Donalds - Beachfront walls from Ponta da Praia, Beaches, José Ricardo Street, Conde D'Eu Street, Quinze de Novembro Street and Riachuelo Street

- Natura - Coliseum Theater

- Boticário – Carioca Bar and Coffee, Cidade de Toledo Street, Post Office, Mauá Square

- Avon - Projections: Comendador Neto Street, Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary, Port Warehouses, Pelé Museum

- Banco Itaú - House with Tiled Façade, Comércio Street and Comendador Neto Street

- Visa - Francisco Glicério Avenue - VLT, Barão de Penedo Street, Comércio Street

- Caixa Econômica (Bank)- Tuiuti Street, Comércio Street , Espaço Docas (warehouse), Caixa Bank Agency -Pedro Lessa Avenue

- Free Market - Rubens Ferreira Martins Tunnel, Downtown Streets

- Post BR – Beachfront Avenue, Beach in front of the Aquarium

- Lupo – Mauá Square, Santos City Hall stairs and Canal 6 Beach

- Honda Biz - Mauá Square, Downtown Streets and Independência Square

- Ministry of Health - Quinze de Novembro Street, Andradas Square and XV Boulevard

- Danone - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- Água Minalba - Houses on the XV Boulevard

- Skol - Quinze de Novembro Street and Riachuelo Street

- Mercedes - Christmas Action – Illuminated Bus circulating on Downtown Streets and Rubens Ferreira Martins Tunnel

- Usaflex - Quinze de Novembro Street and facade of the Coffee Exchange

- Johnny Walker Whiskey - New Fish Market Facade

- Yamaha Motorcycles - Port of Santos


In the vignettes

Even the most traditional vignette on Brazilian television, Rede Globo's end-of-year vignette, already featured scenes recorded in Santos.

 - End of Year Call - Rede Globo - Customs Walkway, Banco do Brasil (Bannk) Panel - Quinze de Novembro Street, Comércio Street.

- 10 Clips 10 - VH1 - Independence Square

In the Music Clips

The Santos way of being overflows with culture, arts, music - and this was portrayed in several materials published on Youtube. Vitor Kley's clip, for example, recorded in Santos, has over 100 million views!!! Want better publicity than this?

 - Victor Kley - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary, Walls and Boardwalk of Ponta da Praia and Rei Alberto I Street

- Eduardo Costa - Rua XV Bullevard

- MC Bola and MC Emerson - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- MC Grated - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- Mariana Santos - Roberto Mário Santini Park - Emissary

- Kabana Jack – Comércio Street and Saturnino de Brito Street

- Sound Impact – Comércio Street - Garagem do Comércio (Comercial Parking Lot)

On TV shows

Sports, variety, reality show, gastronomy, Sílvio Santos program prank, and much more. Several programs have already chosen our city as a location.

 - Foodtruck Battle - Multishow - Comércio Street

- Estrelas - Rede Globo - Aquarium, Waterfront and Historic Center

- Write it down - Multishow - Ponta da Praia - Hawaiian Canoe and Coffee Exchange - Barista Course

- Silvio Santos Prank - SBT – Mauá Square

- Auto Esporte - Rede Globo - Emissary and Beachfront Avenue

- Wife Swap - SBT - José Menino Beach and Emissary

- Globo Esporte - Rede Globo - Interview with Santos players - Municipal Aquarium and interaction with the public – Mauá square

- Reality Show - Israel TV – Flag Monument, Mauá Square and Historical Downtown Streets

In the photographs

Santos has unique scenarios, highly valued by those behind the lens:

 - VIP Magazine - Projota - House with Tyle Façade, Comércio Street, Quinze de Novembro Street and Rua XV Bullevard

 - Faces of Brazil – Mauá Square

 - Elle Magazine - Pabblo Vittar - Diana Island

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