Tuiuti mansion

Also known as Mauá Palace, this is the oldest residential  building in Santos, constructed in 1818, with an area of  3000m², and renovated many times, with no great alterations to its architectural features. 

It was a mansion for traditional local families, among them those of politicians such as  Colonel José Antonio Vieira de Carvalho, governor of Itapema Fort and also judge, local councilor and president of the Council Chamber, when this position corresponded to that of mayor. It was in this building, on 4 March 1822, that the most opulent Santos Ball of the 19th century was held, named ‘Meteor Party’.

 Nowadays, the space focuses on cultural and commercial events and activities, has also been the headquarters of Mauá, Santos and Mercantile Banks, and was military quarters for Imperial troops during the Paraguay War. 

In 1887, North-American export company Hard Rand acquired the building, extended the property, and began to operate there from 1922. In the 1980, the mansion was the location for filming the TV Bandeirantes soap opera ‘Os Imigrantes’(The Immigrants.)